Hope that our true story will bless u as it has blessed many.

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My Second Lover

‘How I know he is the one from God’

Part 1 (ketemu)
Part 2 (ditolak)
Part 3 (gelappppkh ah)
Part 4 (cewe laen)
Part 5 (doa lagiiii)
Part 6 (another cewe laen)
Part 7 (GOAL!)

wkwkkwkw, summary yg asik ya. 🙂


My First Lover – How I met Him.

Someone yg gagah and keren buangetttt, ga ada yg bisa ngalahin!



1 Response to “How I met my Two Lovers”

  1. 1 juna February 22, 2016 at 10:12 am

    syalom ci,makasi ya ci neli,,,saya sangat diberkati lewat kesaksian ci neli hari sabtu kmaren di impac community…saya ketemu Tuhan ketika saya mendengar kebenaran itu…double life,pura pura gak dengar..hehhehehe.
    makasi ci,

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