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A day in the life. By logo..

I was inspired by this blog.

So gue bikin my own. Kalian will know what my typical day is from this pic below…

@Lala: loe click ya dibawah ini ada tulisan ‘continue reading bla bla bla’ kan… Jgn sampe terlewatkan… hehehe 😛

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Tidak pernah jatuh!

Update bentar aaaahhhh.

Padahal banyak kerjaan hehehehe 😛

Ini design yg gue bikin buat T-shirt retret kmaren ini yg berjudul NEVER FALL.

Yg pake ayat:

Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall.
2 Peter 1:10

(Click for larger view)

Ngerti kan artinya? hehehe

Pleasing to YOU

Sanctify me
Clean out my closet
Take away anything
That is not pleasing to You

Purify me
Destroy all my anger
Wash away everything
That is not pleasing to You

I will be white as snow
I will be pure as gold
Jesus my heart must know
I’m pleasing to You

I give my life my all
Taking the cross I will follow
Jesus my heart must know
I’m pleasing to You

Sanctify me
You are the light to guide me
To the place where I am
Only pleasing to You

Oh come and Purify me Lord
I need your light inside me
So the darkness flees
And I can be pleasing to You
-Desperation Band-


Gue baru buka new category in my blog… design2 stuff gitu deh.

Design2 yg gue bikin or maybe some other design/artistic work yg gue suka.

Slideshow dibawah ini compilation of some of my works, ( u have to press the next/back button manually)…. Mao promosiin diri sendiri. Sapa tau ada yg butuh servis design gue dengan bayaran gede, kan lumayan nambahin income buat gue pegi2 misi.. hehehe 😛

Quote of the week

We are not human beings having spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experience.


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