Bersatu kita teguh,bercerai kita runtuh…

Eh eh siapa yg mo cerai ya? wkwkwkkwk

Maksud title diatas, adalah begini:

Gue tuh suka sedih kalo liat orang yg poor abis, or kena injustice. I really really wish to be able to help them. And suka sebel ama orang2 yg kaya banget, beli tas, sepatu yg beribu2 dollar. And kalo gue liat orang2 kayak gitu, gue pingin banget culik mereka and gue bawa ke misi AHEUAUEhAUEHaE. *mao jadi Robin Hood kristen* wkwkwkwkwk…

Apalagi kalo liat anak2 muda yg belanja beribu2 dollar perbulan, terus aduh modelnya yg kalem2 tapi aslinya bitchy, then dari atas sampe bawah bermerek smua. Beneran pingin gue culik and gue damparin ke Ethopia AHEUahEUhaEUhaE. Jadi ikut2an termnya G kalo liat anak2 kayak gitu, dia bilang ‘mereka ini kurang dianiaya’.. AHEuAHEuahEUhaE 😛

I’m actually against branded goods. Yg kayak model2 Gucci, LV dan teman2nya. Dompet or sepatu kok harganya $5000. Bukan gue idealis, but I dont have the heart to spend $5000 just buat spatu yg diinjek2 doank. $5000 can be used for giving food to others, ga liat tuh banyak aunty2 yg udah tuaaaaa bgt masih kerja bersihin toilet di Mc Donald? Uh don’t let me get started on this.. bisa berbusa2 gue hehehehe.

Anyway, salah satu yg dear in my heart ya ini. Helping mereka2 yg kena social injustice. Sometimes, I hope I can help. But it’s like…, ‘but I’m just one person, how can I help?’. I dont want to give them just money u know. Money gampang habis begitu aja. But I want to help them in terms of equipping them. Building into their lives, empower them for their future. Kalo kasih duit mah ya gampang. But I dont think it can last long kalo mreka ga diajarin how to use money or their talent properly. And the poverty cycle still goes on kalo kayak gitu.

What I wanna do, is to build a school or an institution where those yg kena social injustice can be empowered. With Firman Tuhan of coz,.. pinginnya sih produce mighty soldiersnya Tuhan hehehe. Yg ga buang2 waktu lagi mikirin emotion, suka co/suka ce, patah hati etc etc wkwkwkwk. Udah jaman mau kiamat loh ya, harus focus ama panggilan gitu jeng!

Gue baru blajar something new from Benny Hinn punya kotbah. Meskipun itu kotbah yg lamaaa bgt but sangat2 jitu. Judulnya ‘Anointing’. Thanks to my hubby yg dengerin, gue juga jadi blajar.

Benny Hinn bilang, (something like this lah, below is my own translation hehe)
“You see, I dun want to preach about emotion, how to handle your emotion, how to forgive, how to not be angry, how not to sin etc. I want to preach about The Mighty Presence of God!. When u know and seek and taste His Mighty Presence of God, you will learn how to handle your emotion! You will know how small you are compared to His Greatness. There is no more ‘YOU’!!! Udah ga penting lg yg namanya sakit hati sama orang, diback stab ama orang, emosi2an. Udah ga perlu lagi baca2 buku how to have faith etc etc. When u are in the presence of God, Faith will arise! Strength will arise!!”

Yep yep, saya belajar! Ya baca buku gue masih demen. But I guess, that’s why kita2 sering jatuh and worry again coz baca bukunya ya cuma membakar for a while. After that, lupa… wkwkkwkw. That’s why kita suka denger kotbah terus menerus supaya membakar iman kita dll. Tapi abis gitu bisa lupa and worry again. So I guess, ga permanen.  Yg harus di kejar terus menerus adalah His presence. Saat teduh terus menerus… ya gue saat teduh suka bolong2 nih … harus disiplin ya! Jadi terinspirasi abis baca blognya Lia, amin deh bisa bikin schedule kayak gitu and stick to it. Gue sih ga bisa sedetil itu hehehehe.

Anyway jadi melencenggggggg jauh. Gue mo bilang sometimes I feel like gue ga bisa help in social injustice coz gue sendirian. But NOW, kita2 di Singapore is doing something!!! RAME RAMEEE!!!

Look at this!!

Apaan sih R(EVOL)T alias Love In Revolt?

Below is the MEDIA RELEASE …

A Call for Youths in Singapore to R(EVOL)T

Singapore, July 11th 2011 – Love in Revolt, or R(EVOL)T, a giant interactive
landscape designed by students and fellow youths, is the brainchild of
Indonesian-born Gozali, now a full-fledged Singapore citizen. From Friday to
Sunday (August 5th to 7th, 2011), more than 4,000 youths will attend the 3-day
event which will take place in *SCAPE in Orchard Road.

Breaking the stereotype of merely advocating and talking about charity, Love
in Revolt aims to use art, creativity and engaging activities to create
awareness about the plight of the poor in Singapore and the surrounding
countries among Singapore youths.

Gozali, along with his 20-something year old friends, have managed to put up
over $30,000 of their personal savings to transform the 27,000 sq feet
*SCAPE Playspace into a weekend utopia that many of today’s Singapore
youths have the privilege to enjoy. The event itself is designed to be an
interactive landscape that acts as a platform for social cohesion, learning and
civic engagement.

“Today, Singapore has indeed become an example in nation-building for
others in the region,” Gozali comments. “Unlike so many people in
neighbouring countries, our greatest challenge now is keeping our soul alive
in an environment of comfort and affluence. As our affluence grows, we must
not forget the less fortunate that exist all around us. We must use the much
we have to make a difference in the lives of others,” he adds.

The exhibition will feature exclusive works created by graduates of La Salle
School of the Arts and Raffles Design Institute, all of which aim to express
their combined stance against poverty. The space is filled with infographics
and thought-provoking installations that contrast such “ideal” living conditions
with the striking reality of poverty others experience.

"Instead of creating a conventional exhibition about poverty, we decided to
create an interactive landscape where people can inhabit, explore and
participate in. Our art will be creatively embedded and integrated within the
space for people to discover and learn about poverty. Indeed, our message is
that even though we live in a comfortable 'utopia', if we care to pay attention,
there are always less fortunate people all around that need our help. We need
to open our eyes to their plight," says Nehemia Sasongko, Art Director of the

Love in Revolt is supported by ONE Singapore, A Child’s Right, Hope
International, World Harvest and Rotary Club. Attendees will be able to
participate in hands-on activities: ones that engage their senses of sight,
sound and touch—in sync with the efforts of the 5 selected beneficiaries to
alleviate poverty through sustainable projects such as providing education,
access to clean water and microfinance in selected countries: Cambodia,
Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Ini anak2 ART loh yg bikin. And kreatip2!!! Loving it deh!

Cara mereka bikin awareness of the Event juga kreatip and bikin impact!!

One fine day di Orchard Road, mereka rame2 nyerbu Orchard and do TIME FREEZE.

Ngapain? Ya be frozen for 3 mins rame2, while loe tau sendiri Orchard Road kan penuh orang wkwkwkwk. Mantep. Kmaren ini anak2 pada nawarin kalo gue mo ikutan ga Time Freezenya. Ya gue ga bisa coz bawa Aiden. Masa gue bilang ke Aiden,.. “nak, kita harus freeze for 3 mins ya. Kamu ga boleh kedip mata. Kalo kedip or goyang2in bulu mata, mommy won’t give you any milk for tonight!” HUHAUEhauEhauEH yo ga isa lah rek…

Ini video Time Freezenya…

And in the facebook group, kalian bisa liat behind the scenenya… 

Oh ya, for the official website, you can visit: Please wait awhile for it to load yaa…

Join us from 5-7 August at SCAPE! There will be different programmes each day. Gue and Aiden and G will be there probably Saturday from 5-8pm, and Sunday 3-5pm. Kalo pembaca2 di Singapore, and kalian liat kita disana, just tap us on our shoulder and say hello ya.. wkwkkwkw…  cari aja yg bawa baby boy yg ndut, bibir sexoy, and bulu mata panjang dan disamping suaminya yg hensem, dan berkulit gelap item manis.. wkwkwkwk. C U THERE!


8 Responses to “Bersatu kita teguh,bercerai kita runtuh…”

  1. 1 redsuitee August 5, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    aigoooo.. bener2 nih lagi klop yg didapet hari2 ini..
    mau komen yg soal kotbah benny hinn, kemaren dr buku yg di-refrensiin “CrazyLove” juga dikasih cerita soal itu.. bahwa aktor utama di dlm hidup ini tuh Tuhan, bukan kita..
    well im tryin to bisa trus2an get closer sama Tuhan hari2 ini..
    en impactnya bener berasa, strengh arise, etc..

    betewe ud liat juga video “timefreeze” nya, asleee kereeenn bangettt..
    kreatip abis.. message nya nyampe dg cara yg cukup efektif narik perhatian org buat ngliat ada apaan sih.. hahahahahaha sampe ada yg di zebracross takashimaya juga.. parah2.. klo ktabrak gimene tuh :p

  2. 3 Nanda August 5, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    mantaf mama…

  3. 5 marthavina August 11, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Hi..Nelly,Thx udah mampir di blog ku and baca postingannya ya…gak percaya rasanya kalo apa yg kamu pikirin sama persis dengan yg selama ini aku pikirin, paling gak ngerti kenapa byk orang yang tega bgt, ngabisin uang , cuma buat “itu”, , apalagi di Jkt. kesenjangan sosialnya gede bgt. Btw…aku ada postingan di bulan July , tentang kontribusi pada masyarakat judulnya Selamat merayakan hari anak nasional sama Untuk mu Indonesia. Well..kalo punya waktu pls baca. Kalau memang ada sesuatu yg kamu mau bikin buat kontribusi pada masyarakat, jgn lupa ajak aku ya. GBU

  4. 7 Louisa Veronica Hartono August 17, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    hahahaha baca posting ini juga gereeeeem banget pas bagian awalnya… ngakak juga pas baca kata2 suaminya cc, “mereka itu kurang dianiaya” wkwkwkwk :p

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