Jtown Cafe Review by Local Newspaper!

Hello hello, two days ago our Jtown Cafe was featured on local newspaper loh.

Ini artikelnya, gue ambil dari online version korannya with my comments in red.

Small menu, simple food but big on taste
By: Yeoh Wee Teck
September 29, 2010

IF YOU believe that to get the best Indonesian food, you have go to where Indonesians eat, then JTownCafe will rank pretty high on your list.

This tiny cafe serves Indonesian-style noodles.

According to owner Rieky Gunawan, this is the sort of food you’ll find at every corner of Jakarta.

This, he said, is Indonesian comfort food.

Well, there were many Indonesians seeking comfort there when I visited.

The cafe – which seats 50 if everyone is skinny and sans shopping bags – was filled with Indonesians the two times I was there: Once for lunch at the cafe’s invitation, and then later on a Saturday evening on my own.

Customer base

Mr Gunawan said Indonesians make up about 70per cent of JTown’s customer base.

And that means many Singaporeans don’t know what they are missing.

The cafe’s small menu comprises a few noodle dishes, a rice dish, side dishes and dessert.

Some people may be bothered by the lack of variety, but it didn’t matter to me because its most basic dish – the bakmie ayam ($4) – is wonderful. (yeah man, gue suka bgt ama bakmie ayamnya. Bikin ngidam, apalagi kalo disiram ama cabenya … yummmm)

On my two visits with different groups of people, the dish was a hit. One of my dining companions liked it so much, he ordered a second portion.

The noodles – freshly made in-house – has a pleasing texture. They are smooth and slightly soft and come with minced chicken and a savoury sauce. (mie nya bikin sendiri loh, no preservative, no colouring)

It’s an extremely simple dish, but the pleasure it gave me was immense.

There are variations to the noodles. The black pepper version ($4.50) was too spicy for me, but my companions were fine with it.

The bihun bakso ($4.50) is beehoon soup with beef balls. It went down well with my companions too.

The only dish that failed all around was the mee goreng ($4.50). It was a bizarre combination of sweet and spicy. We abandoned that dish after two bites. (HAHAHAHAHA gue ngakak pas baca ini. Kata si G, pas Budi baca bagian ini, Budi langsung ngambek karena dia kan yg ciptain resepnya from scratch… AHEUhAUEhAE. Dia bete karena dibilang ‘bizarre taste’! Padahal orang2 Indo demen banget ama mie ini. Dasar orang Spore sih.. )

The siomay ala Jakarta (Indonesia fish cake with peanut sauce, $5) was a miss with my companions too, but I loved it.

The fish cake has a strange but addictive gooey chewy texture. But ask for the peanut sauce to be served on the side because the dish was drowning in it.

If you like dessert, don’t skip the murtabak, (martabak lah pak) a sweet and thick Indonesian pancake. The cheese version ($2.30) is my favourite. It was cheesy and sweet with a sauce that tastes like condensed milk.

The chocolate version ($2.30) is also good. There is also a butter and sugar version ($5.50 for a large portion).

Be conservative when you order because it can be overwhelming. (He forgot to mention our bestseller DURIAN MARTABAK!!! Should write that in the newspaper donk. Satu2nya di Spore coba. Btw, )

And take note if you have a hot date after a meal there. The ventilation is not ideal and you will leave smelling of the cafe. It’s best to eat quickly and go. (HAHAHA, emang sengaja supaya tamu2 ga kelamaan nyangkruk, kasian kalo orang2 panjang antriannya buat nunggu giliran duduk.. wkwkwk, but Jtown udah di reno skarang, with better ventilation)

Here’s what I like best about JTown: It’s not super-cheap, but after I ordered almost everything on the menu, my bill was about $40 and we were all stuffed to our eyeballs.

And for a cafe along Orchard Road, that is a great deal.


WHERE: JTown Cafe, B1-04 Midpoint Orchard (next to Centrepoint and opposite 313@somerset)

WHEN: Opens daily from noon to 9pm. Call 92305040 if you need more information.

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6 Responses to “Jtown Cafe Review by Local Newspaper!”

  1. 1 Louisa Veronica April 19, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Halooo Kak Nel πŸ™‚

    Salam kenal yah, namaku Louisa. Kenal blog kakak dari blognya Ci Lia hehe….terus aku “langganan” juga sama blognya Ci Shinta dkk :p

    habis baca post ttg nglairin Aiden. Wooow bagus!! ^^ banyak suka dukanya yah….lucu jg pake laughing gas hwahahahaha….btw, foto si Aiden 1 hour after birth gede juga yah…beratnya berapa kilo Kak? thx God he is really healthy indeed!! ^^

    Oh ya…aku jg punya blog πŸ™‚ mampir yah di http://www.nonikblog.blogspot.com. tapi berhubung masih anak kuliahan, ya postingnya ga jauh2 dari situ sih hehe πŸ˜€

    • 2 nelotte April 19, 2011 at 9:28 am

      aloha non.. thanks for mampir. πŸ™‚ Aiden berat nya pas lahir cuma 2.8kg loh wkwkkwkw. Tapi skarang ndut. Should update my blog soon nih heheheh. πŸ˜€

  2. 3 gigi April 30, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Ci, skrg midpoint lg tutup kan? Trus cafe nya ada pindah dimana gitu ga?
    Lg kangen berat sama martabak manis soal nya huhu 😦

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