Anime worth watching

Time for my Anime Review 2008!!!



Ok, I admit. This anime has been around for quite sometime, but it’s still worth mentioning! Until now I haven’t found any other anime as excellent as Death Note.

Please, i beg u, dont watch the live-action movie!! Both episodes suck big time. I truly hate them to the core!! HAUEhAUEhuAEe.. I heard the manga is good, but to me, anime is still the best. So please dont watch the live action movies, they don’t come close to the originals. They miss some crucial points here and there, so not worth watching. πŸ˜›

An extremely intellegent young man named Light Yagami comes across one book, called Death Note. When a human’s name is written within it, that person shall die. So Light uses this book to make him as a God, judging who are worthy to live in this world and who are not. People fear this so-called God, cause people can just drop dead anywhere any second. So the authorities form a special unit, led by another intellegent young man called L, to find out and stop all the chaos.Β  This anime is a game of cat and mouse. A battle of intellegence and wits.

Why I like it so much?
The things that Light and L do to outshine each other will bring you to the edge of your seat. In my opinion, no other anime is this smart. You will never guess the next action or the next turn of the story. Many twists. Definitely my kind of anime. This is the first time I actually cheer on the bad guy, Light. He is THAT goodΒ  πŸ˜›


I don’t really like romance, but this one exceeds my expectation. Funny as hell.

A story about a schoolgirl who is in love with a guy who is way shorter than her. The things that she does to impress or steal his heart are just hilarous. It does have some cliche and sad moments but the funny parts are too great to be missed! Well, to tell u the truth, I admit that I found this anime kinda romantic πŸ˜›Β  …. *ok move on*


Good looking vampires!!!!!!


If vampires are this good looking, I dont mind them biting me EhuaEHAUEHuAHE … (*gigit deh gigittttttt!!!* πŸ˜› )

Other than the looks, this anime is pretty entertaining. I like the way/the system of the vampire hierarchy in the story. Did give me goosebumps here and there. Story about a school which is divided into two classes. Day Class and Night Class. The Day Class consists of normal humans, and none of them know that, the night class consists of…, yeah you guessed it, – vampires.

Other than the usual pleasing-to-the-eyes characters, the story does have some depth in it. The mysteries surrounding several of the main characters are slowly unfolded one by one. I’m very interested in Kaname, who is the leader of the Vampire pack in the Night Class as he is a very mysterious, possessing powers that we haven’t seen fully exposed yet. I also felt some kind of awe of him. I don’t know yet if he will end up to be the good guy or the bad guy.

Anyway this anime has two season. First season has just ended, second season will come out in October 2008. Can’t wait.


This anime kicks butt!!! hehehehe.. Don’t be deceived by the sweet innocent look of the characters. πŸ˜€

Higurashi has two seasons as well. First season will mess up your head. When I first watched it, I was like “WHOA!! What the… ” throughout the series. Very confusing, but too engaging not to continue with the rest.

*spoiler ahead* (will try not to give out too much)
The first season actually tells four arc stories. So, for example,Β  if someone dies in the first 4 episodes, he/she will still be alive in the next 4 episodes or so. And more often than not, the story will be completely different but with the same characters. Very confusing, yes, but this is all worth it. You will understand the reason beyond all the confusing storyplot in the second season. And you will be amazed how each storyline, eventhough they may seem to be completely different from each other, they are actually intertwined and serve a specific purpose. Highly recommended for those who like gripping and surprising plot. Very bloody anime though πŸ˜€ Got to have a strong stomach watching it.


Another hilarious anime! But also sweet πŸ™‚


A young schoolgirl is mistaken as a boy when she joins a new school. Because of some circumstances, she has to join a club called Ouran Host Club, consisting 6 extremely attractive young men. There, she gains reputation as a cute boy and has to ‘serve’ girls who come to the club and wanting to be entertained by the hosts. Each host has different qualities that make them stand out from the rest and make the girls go crazy over them. For example, one of the character, Mitzukuni, is the most adorable host. He looks like an elementary school kid, loves cute things, carrying bunny soft toy everywhere. But girls just LOVE him for his kawaii-ness factor.

If you have a bad day, this is a perfect anime to watch…



I can’t explain it any better than this (taken from Wikipedia)

Each of the stories in the series involves several unrelated plots intersecting and crossing each other as events spiral further and further out of control. Immortal alchemists, mafias, and many other elements of pulp fiction mashed together for a world straight out of the movies.

In 1711, a group of alchemists seeking eternal life gathered on a boat to summon the “demon” that held the secret. The demon agreed to give them what they wantedβ€”an elixir of life, the method to create more, and the secret to ending their new-found existence. The following night, alchemists began disappearing, “eaten” by one of their own. Realizing the threat posed by being close together, they decided to scatter across the world.

Centuries later, the immortals have come together once again, and the “stupid commotion” starts.

The anime consists of a lot of characters with unique qualities. I especially love these two characters, Isaac and Miria. We call them idiot-thief. Very2 funny couple. For me, these two alone are the top comedians in the whole anime kingdom. πŸ˜› . They are way funnier than Tenma and the gank of School Rumble hehe..

The story may be weird at first, but just hang on πŸ™‚

BACCANO! is in my top 10 anime list of all time!!


Quite interesting anime. The story sometimes kinda slow though, but it’s alright. I like the point that the series consist of different short stories. So one episode one story kinda thing. It’s not too deep to think about yet still manage to deliver horror.

A website called Hell Correspondence has the power to seek revenge for those who felt that they deserve to kill their tormentor. They can just type in the name of the person they wish to kill. It may sound weird, but this website will alert the Hell Girl to act on their revenge. But the one who uses this website, will have to enter a pact where their soul, in time of their death, will go straight to hell.

Quite entertaining to watch.


Love this anime too!
A slight disappointment with the ending as I was expecting more. If only the writer spent some more time developing the final ending, no doubt, has the potential to be better and bigger.

But nevertheless, it was an entertaining rollercoaster ride.

Two brothers are cast away/sold by their family to some research organization as they both possess some supernatural abilities. Fifteen years later, they escape and thus their journey discovering themselves start when they try to get into normal society. How they use their power for good or for bad.

The build up to the climax at the end of the series is excellent with a nice twist at the end.

And this anime has the most-totally-absolutely-handsomest anime character ever!!! (if there is such a word)

NAOTO!!!!! I LOVE NAOTOOOO!!! My kind of anime guy.. hehe..




1, Chiko –Β  Heir of The Phantom Thief

Good stuff!! So far only watched till episode 14. Still running. This anime is more about mystery and being a thief, with VERY LITTLE touch on romance.

Chiko leads a lonely life after her wealthy parents pass away, leaving her with her aunty who is trying to kill her to get the inheritance. One day, she is abducted by a legendary thief, Twenty Faces, whom no one knows what his real face looks like. Thus her journey becoming his heir start.

Very highly recommended.

2. Natsume Youjinchou

A cute and sweet anime.

Natsume is a boy who can see spirits. One day, he inherits a book called A Book Of Friends which contains a large number of names belonged to demons/spirits. These demons are using a lot of ways to get their name back. Some are horrible, but mostly are way cute.

This anime is nothing like Death Note hehe.. The episodes are sweet and very light. I love the ending song. Make me want to move to the countryside. The whole feeling of this anime is like laying down in the middle of rice field with soft breeze. Very warm and relaxing.

I also love the cat character. You just can’t guess who he really is from his look hehe.. He adds up the spice in the anime.

Thats all from me for now. Why I wrote this whole entry in English? Cause some people complained as the past anime review I wrote was partly in Indonesian πŸ˜›

Anyways, you can check out my other anime review here

PS: Ga enak tau nulis blog pake English smua!!! Ga bisa gokil2an bahasanya!!!! Uhuk uhuk…

21 Responses to “Anime worth watching”

  1. 1 ivon September 3, 2008 at 5:34 am

    buset…heuheue cici ntn anime banyak jg ya…how did u find the time to watch all those anime???? wow…kekekeke…jgn2 di kantor jg nih….hueheue eh nogmong2 ntn nya dimana sih ci….aku jg mau nonton!!!!!

    oh itu yg vampire knight…ada komik nya…i dunno why i happen to just bought 2 of them tapi krn too bloody ogut jadi gak terusin lagi… mo pinjem? tapi in chinese..kekeke…emank sih setuju bgt cakep2 cowoknya…oooh i remember now..i bought the comic gara2 covernya gambarnya bagus n keren…huahuahau…tapi co cakep + darah + scene yg gelap2 somehow jadi kurang menarik buat ogut……aku lebih suka anime2 yg bikin ketawa ketiwi kayak ouran host itu!!

    heuhueu tapi death note emank bagus bgt sih…heran tuh writer kepikiran aje…ci suka honey and clover ga?

  2. 2 nelotte September 3, 2008 at 6:55 am

    nontonnya di .. dimana lagi kalo ga di kantor .. HAUEhaUEhAUEHe πŸ˜›

    honey and clover katanya sih bagus tapi drama gitu deh… males…

    btw kalo blog gue ada award the most rajin commentor, gue bakal kasih ke loe deh

  3. 3 ivon September 3, 2008 at 7:45 am

    cici gak tau aku tadi barusan ketiduran 15 min di cubicle ku…makanya rajin2 komen blog biar gak ketiduran….hoho…

    eh ci aku ada sih cdnya….kl mau aku pinjemin honey n clover nya (tapi jgn di telen alias menghilang di gudang ci nelly ^__^)……bagus sih lucu…cmn iya lebih drama…hehehe..

  4. 4 nelotte September 3, 2008 at 8:01 am

    gile.. bisa gitu ya tidur di cubicle 15 mins… ck ck ck, ya udah loe nonton aja anime di crunchy roll

    boleh deh gue pinjem cd honey and clovernya.. jumat bawain aja

  5. 5 Tsukasa September 5, 2008 at 7:41 am

    honey & clover drama bgt
    kadang bikin ngantuk
    tapi komedinya sih ok ok aja
    nodame cantabille aja lebih banyak comedy nya
    ama lagu2 nya keren2
    nodame yg live action yg lebih seru( hehehehehehe)

  6. 6 oishii_dango October 8, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    actually, aku ga sengaja nemu this site. tadinya aku bingung mau nitip anime apa ke temenku yang sekarang mau ke jakarta, skrng ga lagi. i’ve seen a lot of anime ’till now, most of them are meccha and comedy (School Rumble, please watch it). tonikaku, thanks for the list ya. (^__________________________^)

  7. 7 nelotte October 8, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    alo… gue dah nonton sih skul rumble.. dah sampe tamat tuh, season 3 cuma ada 2 episode. Sedih bgt. Maksa gitu endingnya… huhuhuhuh… I LOVE KARASUMA KUN!!!! πŸ˜›

  8. 8 steve October 14, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    keren2, tp DN berakhir tragis bgt..

  9. 9 nelotte October 14, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    Death Note?

    tragisnya keren buanget tapi…. it makes the ending just perfect… hehehehe

  10. 10 alone dark April 21, 2009 at 9:29 am

    ummm i thought the live actions movies of Death Note were actually pretty good and it was hard to make everything fit and they didn’t mess up that bad.

  11. 14 Anonymous May 28, 2009 at 1:41 am

    oh no

  12. 16 kat July 8, 2009 at 3:12 am

    I’m really intrigued by Night Head Genesis.
    Is there a released english version? I’m not a ‘sub’ fan.

  13. 18 sachan June 25, 2010 at 11:25 am

    lagu death note kren
    *natsume yujincoi cute bnget

  14. 19 deathnote July 24, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Oh god I only watched deathnote anime out of all the above.Huh 😐

  15. 20 lelouch May 7, 2011 at 5:02 am

    already watch ouran, night head genesis, lovely com, vampire knight and death note. for me ouran, and death note is a great anime. however i found out that the other two anime i watched not reach my expectation. how about i recommend u code geass and itazura na kiss? hope u like it.

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