Singapore oh Singapore, how small u are

Random talk 1

Heard on a podcast from a Christian church in Amrik.

The preacher: “Yesterday, I just checked our podcast downloads. Like which countries listen to us and stuff. And I was amazed of these 3 countries in the top 10 countries downloaded our podcast. One is Arab.. another one ..(gue lupa), and Singapore China! I am very blessed to know that our little preaching reach to that end of the world, as far as China!”

Weleh, sejak kapan Singapore ada di China…

Random talk 2 (true story, happened to my temen kerja)

In a coffee shop di small town in Amrik.

A: “Hi, can I have two of the muffins please?”
B: “Sure.. Here you go. That will be $5”
A: “Ok…” (ambil duit didompet..)
B: “By the way, your English is very good! Where are you from?”
A: “I’m from Singapore…”
B: “Huh, where??..”
A: “Singapore…”
B: “Where is that? Sounds like it is in Europe”
A: *timbul isengnya* “Yah… it’s very near to Switzerland, actually it is a part of Swiss”
B: “Oh, really? You are Asian right. Chinese? Does it have a lot of Chinese there?”
A: “Yeah, most of the island is occupied by Chinese…”
B: “Cool.. I never knew there is a lot of Chinese people in Switzerland. So what do you guys do in Singapore?”
A: “The usual stuff… milking cows, planting rice, .. u know the stuff Chinese people do..”
B: “oh.. how is the weather like?”
A: ” just like Switzerland, Singapore has 4 seasons too. Snowing heavily sometimes. Our island is beautiful with lots of farms everywhere, we are famous for our chicken, horses and cows”
B: “Sounds great. Maybe next time, I’ll go down and visit Singapore.”
A: “Yeah, you should!”

So.. now Singapore is known ada di Swizterland, famous for its chicken, horses and cows, punya 4 seasons, then Singaporeans kerjanya petani and milking cows.

That person is in for a big big surprise… HAUEhAUEhAUEea.. 😛

Gue bayangin pas tuh orang dateng ke Spore for the first time…
B: “where can I see the famous Sporean chicken and cows?”
Ama sopir taxinya dibawa ke food court, buat beli chicken rice…

hehehehe… 😛


Btw, remember postingan gue yg ttg faith? 2 postingan before this? yg judulnya We’ll see

Sekarang buahnya dah mulai keliatan, masih about 10%, but bisa dibilang, yg gue dapetin itu akan jadi kenyataan. Amin deh. Kata Tuhan, I just need to push on. 😀


4 Responses to “Singapore oh Singapore, how small u are”

  1. 1 rcdp July 21, 2008 at 6:31 am

    iseng banget sih co-worker loe… 😀 😀
    Tapi masih ada ya orang yg gak tau Singapore itu dimana…
    Kirain cuma Indonesia doang yg tidak terkenal…

    *Indonesia, umm where is that?*

  2. 2 nelotte July 21, 2008 at 6:58 am

    True story lagi nih..

    A: “Where are u from?”
    B: “Indonesia..”
    A: “where’s that?”
    B: “..mmm u know Bali?”
    A: “oohh.. u mean Indonesia is in Bali?”

    sooo..Indonesia jadi di Bali critanya, bukan Bali di Indonesia

  3. 3 ivon July 21, 2008 at 9:27 am

    muakakaka…keterlaluan dasar itu orang2 pada..heuheue masa indo di bali!! huahuahuehue itu bule bukan ci?? org amrik maksudku…

    ci tau gak waktu tu ada survey di amrik…survey nya itu nanyain org2 di jalanan suru nunjuk di peta (yg ga ada tulisan countries nya jadi peta buta gitu)..dimanakah IRAQ….si bule pada gak tau smua….trus sekali lagi ditunjukin peta yg ada tulisan countrynya….namun dengan trik…IRAQ nya di tuker ama australia!! jadi australia di IRAQ dan IRAQ jadi di australia…dan doeng2 lah pada dgn innocently nunjuk OZ sebagi the new IRAQ….sorooo..padahal mereka kan lagi perang ama IRAQ…..

    i rest my case hohoho

  4. 4 nelotte July 21, 2008 at 9:44 am

    haha i watched that one…

    i found it in youtube nih..

    lucu abis

    btw, bagi yg belon pernah liat..backgound story of that video:
    itu mapnya tulisannya dituker2. Australia island tulisannya atasnya diganti Iraq gitu etc etc..

    IF you can find the rest of the video, very2 hilarious.. gue dah pernah nonton sampe ngakak kejang2 dilantai, terutama yg the reporternya pretended to be John Howard, prime minister of Australia then jalan2 di US memperkenalkan diri as John Howard, and orang2 percaya gitu sampe minta poto bareng hAUEhuaEhuAHE .. itu gile so funny…

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