Its all about me!

Gue mao membahas ttg gue, gue and gue.. hehehe

Kalo para pembaca want to get to know the real me (alias loe kepo), silakan read on heheheh

Some of you mungkin tau a well-known psychological personality test yg judulnya Four Temperaments. Yg ada Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholy. And actually descriptionnya sih quite accurate.

Brief descriptions of each personality trait:

– the life of the party
– fun loving, cheerful, very friendly
– tukang suka lupa
– tukang sering rame and ketawa2 sendiri ga jelas
– suka asal ngomong tanpa mikir
– kalo bikin janji, suka telat bisa sampe satu jam
( perfect example: Si Septi HAUEhAUEhUAEHe 😛 )

– tenang and relaxxxx banget sampe harus didorong2 buat reaksi
– suka nunda2
– moto hidup: “nyantai aja man”

– kepo (busybody)
– ambitious, driven
– strong leadership, tapi bisa2 sampe dominant bgt bikin orang sebel

– suka bete2 sendiri
– suka emo
– skeptical
– sensuitiiiipppp abissssss
( perfect example: Lukas 😛 )

Thats the rough ideas lah. But most people itu a mixture of 2 personalities biasanya. Ada yg lebih prominent tapi.

I’ve done the test dulu bgt, and kmaren ini do the test again.. and dulu itu dapetnya gue ini Phlegmatic Sanguine, tapi sekarang jadi Sanguine Phlegmatic hehehehe…

Gue mao kupas personality description gue menurut gue yg ga bener, or bener banget.

So here it goes:

(Explanation of colours:
red = my comments
green = bener bgt!!
blue = ga banget!!!)

The sanguine-phlegmatic is an extraverted, optimistic, warm individual who readily connects with others and is well-liked by all (aduh tenkiu2, i love you all too!! *muach*)

Her sanguine side makes her creative, enthusiastic, friendly, and inspiring. Her phlegmatic side makes her somewhat cautious at times, and also highly sensitive to other people’s moods, emotions, likes and dislikes (only applies to some special people doank coz gue ini orangnya cuek bgt sih hehehe) She keenly desires harmony in relationships.

She tends to overextend herself in order to meet others’ needs (yup i think so) and to personalize any negative criticism (If the boss says, “We are not meeting our quotas,” the sanguine-phlegmatic thinks, “Is he angry at me?” If her best friend says, “I really can’t wear red lipstick,” the sanguine-phlegmatic will think, “She’s trying to tell me that my lipstick looks terrible!”) (HAHAHA dulu sih kayak gitu parahnya.. semua2 diambil personally, padahal orang itu ga maksud seperti itu. Skarang gue dah much much better lah…). After all, the sanguine-phlegmatic has a double-dose of feeling; twice-blessed by the tendency to prioritize relationships and harmony.

If you are a sanguine-phlegmatic, most everyone likes you! (aduh.. tenkiuuu tenkiuuuu hihihi) You are easy-going, creative, fun-loving, enthusiastic, imaginative, caring (only applies to special people hehehe 😛 ), generous, flexible, and spontaneous.

You are probably considered “emotional” because of your easily aroused feelings, your attentiveness to relationships, and your tender heart.

Your weaknesses are superficiality, indecisiveness, disorganization, and procrastination. (Procrastination!!! IYAAA BUANGETTTTTTT!! Mao tambel gigi sampe skarang aja udah sejak end of last year ga jadi2 hAUEhUAEHuAHEE)

Often you find it difficult to know exactly how to state what you mean, or how to express yourself logically; this contributes to a tendency to talk more than is needed or to provide more detail than is necessary. (very bener!!! HAUEhUAEHuAEe… kalo anak2 youth nanya satu pertanyaan, gue sering banget jawabnya panjang and sidetracked, sampe harus nanya mereka balik “Have I answered your question?” HAEUhUAHEuAE.. and si Atan, suka ngomong ke gue, wah ci Nelly pidato.. HAUEhAUEhAUEhAEe. Yah I know, thats my flaw yg gue harus stop 😛 )

In a relationship, you will likely gravitate toward a logical, organized, strong-willed and decisive partner—someone who makes decisions quickly and provides strong moral certitude and structure to your life. (Masa sih?)

You can be easily influenced (which is exacerbated by your tendency to ask others for advice — without thinking it through) and to do what seems “kind” before considering whether it is objectively right. Many sanguine-phlegmatics are drawn to teaching and parenting (hehehe bener bgt! Terbukti dengan banyaknya anak yg gue punya, meskipun gue belon punya suami HAUEhuAEhuAHEe and anak2 youth pada selametin gue pas Hepi Mother’s Day, beliin gue bunga and sms),
the helping professions, and volunteer works for the Church or for the welfare of society. ( 😀 )

You place a high priority on your personal search for meaning and self-identity. (OF COZ)

The strong need to discover your “true self” will be met by a rich prayer life and a personal relationship with Christ. (AMEN)

Your weaknesses probably tend to bother you more than anyone else. For example, you may find yourself blurting out something without thinking, (iya sih kadang2) or spending too much time seeking advice only to find yourself more confused than you started, or oversleeping every day this week — despite all the best of intentions.

You may find yourself becoming overcommitted because you simply can’t say “no” and have a strong need to be liked/please people. A typical sanguine-phlegmatic trick is to spend too much money shopping or dining out with friends, and then to put off balancing the checkbook (too much work, too many other distractions) until it is hopelessly behind. (GA TUH!! gue skarang udah rajin loh bikin pembukuan pribadi. Tiap ari dicatet pengeluaran brapa etc. And sorry man, gue ga suka shopping!!!!!)

Now you are overwhelmed with everything that has piled up! You may complain half-heartedly, blame circumstances, or go shopping. . . but you may not really make a concerted effort to change.

Then selain this Four Temperaments test, gue juga ada another test yg more famous, called Myer-Brigg Personality Test. Lebih accurate lagi tuh. Disitu ada 16 types of personality. Gue punya INFP.

So lets discuss yg gue anggep bener bgt ttg gue from this INFP description.

Highly creative, artistic and spiritual, they can produce wonderful works of art, music and literature. INFPs are natural artists. They will find great satisfaction if they encourage and develop their artistic abilities. That doesn’t mean that an INFP has to be a famous writer or painter in order to be content. Simply the act of “creating” will be a fulfilling source of renewal and refreshment to the INFP.
(very2 true leeehhh)

They’re more spiritually aware than most people, and are more in touch with their soul than others. Most INFPs have strong Faith. Those that don’t may feel as if they’re missing something important.
(yup… gue slalu wondered whats the purpose and callingnya idup gue. Masa idup begini2 aja. Now I’ve found it!!! hehehe)

INFPs are very aware of social injustice, and empathize with the underdog. Their empathy for the underdog and hyper-awareness of social injustice makes them extremely compassionate and nurturing towards disadvantaged members of our society. INFPs will feel most useful and fulfilled when they are fighting to help people who have been misfortunate in our society. They may be teachers, ministers, writers, counsellors or psychologists, but they will most likely all spend extra time trying to help people with special problems. An INFP can find a tremendous amount of satisfaction by enacting some kind of social change that will help the underdog.
(Gue bikin test ini in 2005. Waktu itu gue ga ngerti maksudnya description diatas. Now since I grow deeper in God, calling gue makin jelas, and gue makin ngerti apa maksudnya that paragraph. Ya bener banget sih.. ternyata gue punya a specific compassion for a specific group of people.. hehehe.. and willing to go extra mile to do it lah, which is kalo dipikir2 itu dulu ga gue banget. Gue kan males and cuek, tapi once I know my calling, gue bener2 mao go all the way gitu deh..)

They’re usually good listeners who genuinely want to hear about someone’s problems(alias kepo) and genuinely want to help them. This makes them outstanding counsellors, and good friends. An INFP may find great satisfaction from volunteering as a counselor.
(AMIN!!!! hehehe)

They have a great deal of tolerance and acceptance dealing with people who might encounter negative judgment from society in general. They can see something positive in everyone. They believe in individuals.
(Nah ini dia.. Quality ini bisa jadi a weakness sebenernya. I trust people too much sometimes. Ga bisa pikir yg jelek2 gitu deh ttg orang, ga bisa kepikir kalo orang itu punya motive jelek misalnya. I tend to be too quickly to trust people. BAHAYA. But until now, gue susah untuk mikir kalo orang itu 100% ada maksud jahat. My reason is orang2 yg seperti itu pasti dulu2nya experienced something bad in their lives yg bikin mereka seperti itu. Mereka melakukan perbuatan2 jahat/jelek in response to what happened to them last time, and sometimes they dont really realize it.. some kind of self-defence sih. I dont know, I just dont believe in adanya 100% evil in people. I still believe semua manusia itu punya hati nurani yg baik, meskipun mungkin sedikit bgt. Unless kalo dia ke posessed beneran ama setan 😛 But kalo gue ngeliat orang gitu yg a troublemaker or apaan kek, I always tend to find out first and observe why he or she behaves kayak gitu. Pasti karena ada apa2 dulunya)

They will have a great deal of insight into people’s characters. They will quickly and thoroughly understand where a person is coming from by assessing their motives and feelings. These well-developed INFP individuals make outstanding psychologists (such as Isabel Briggs Myers herself) and counselors.
(AMIN!!! ini yg gue mesti pursue and belajarrrr… 😀 )

The INFP who augments their strong, internal value system with a well-developed intuitive way of perceiving the world can be a powerful force for social change. Their intense values and strong empathy for the underprivileged, combined with a reliable and deeply insightful understanding of the world that we live in, creates an individual with the power to make a difference (such as Mother Teresa – an INFP).
(AMIN LAGIHHHH!!! Emang itu salah satu dream and calling gue. Lebih kearah social justice gitu deh. Summary nya sih about building broken young people (yg ngalamin kehancuran in their past) to be powerful soldiers of God!!! hehe.. itu deh.. that is my vision and mission 😀 )

Then gue found a website yg ttg INFP yg jelek2nya hAUEhuAheaE.. very funny sih.. ini excerptnya…

As far as other people are concerned, INFps can be very productive, making them good social workers, musicians, entertainers, media, etc. In contrast, INFp’s ability to think logically is circumstantial and limited to memorised examples, which makes them poor experts in technological fields, especially when the situation requires non-ordinary solutions. This, however, does not stop INFps from becoming sloppy engineers, sloppy mechanics, sloppy programmers, sloppy you name it.

(BENER BANGETTTTT!!! I’m just not interested in numbers, math, physics etc. Kalo gue liat those kind of things, my brain instantly shuts down AHGEuhAUEhUAEhaEh. And kalo gue menghadapi hal2 yg technical, I just dont get it.. paling sering panggil wira or dion di MSN, gue gangguin terussss deh mereka kalo soal techy2 gitu… hAUEhAUEhUAHEea I LOVE YOU YON AND WIR 😀 )

attracted to sad things, (HAHAHAHA, iya sih 😛 )

disorganized, (YUP)

avoidant, (gue kalo males ketemu orang, bisa ga angkat telp berhari2 dulunya hihi)

can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings, (correct! terutama kalo gue kena feeling yg paling ga enak sedunia, yaitu kebelet boker/kencing tak ada wc)

prone to feelings of loneliness, (udah ga lagi since I met GOD)

frequently losing things,
(yup yup…
Gue: “wah wirr!! tenkiu bgt loe kasih jam loe yg gue suka ituuuu!!!”
Wira: “ur welcome.. itu jam emang cocok buat pegi misi”
Gue: “tapi gue serem juga nih. Kan loe dapetin jam nya susah2, ngebid di eBay, then dikirim dari US sgala. Gue jadi ga enak ama loe kalo beret2 nanti… You know me lah, gue kan sloppy and careless orangnya…”
Wira: “oh gue ga worried about that. Kalo loe mah, lebih pasti ilangnya daripada beret2nya..”

HEUhAUEhUAEHuAEHuAEHuAHE.. thanks wir, you know me well.. 😛 )

easily distracted, (dulu di Sydney kalo tiap kali liat puppies, anjing or anak kecil lucu digereja, pasti lupa diri. Tas, bible etc didrop gitu aja anywhere, and ntar kalo dah abis gereja baru kelabakan nyari. Skarang sih lebih mendingan tapi masih sama. Kalo dikantor gereja, suka lepas sandal, then jalan2. Then pas kantor dah mao tutup, gue udah diluar siap2 kunci kantor, udah matiin lampu etc, baru Floren teriak2 ke gue “CI!!! sandal cici masih disini nih!!” Then gue baru sadar kalo gue udah siap pulang tanpa pake sandal. Happened many times. And kalo lagi ngomong serius ama orang, tiba2 ada burung lucu/kucing/anjing/babies lewat, langsung distracted and lupa lagi ngomong apa. For those who know me pasti recognize my favourite line is always “eh tadi ngobrolnya sampe mana?”)

does not like crowds, (I TRULY HATE SINGAPORE GREAT SALES! Smuanya pada menclok di Orchard!)

more likely to support marijuana legalization, (HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHA… dulu.. dulu…. HHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA)

likes the rain, (AIH bener skaleeeee… gue demen tuh becek2 main ujan hehehe)

Anywayssssssss.. for the link (Four Temperaments test).. click here

and for the Myer-Brigg test, it’s here

And kalo kalian ada yg bikin Myer-Brigg Test.. comment ya kalian punya apa gitu… *gue kepo* hehehe and for full description of your type, you can go here (rada lama loadingnya, please be patient)



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    cici aku daped ENFJ!! dua hurup sama.. hihihihi

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