Another battle on sight!


Gue skarang di Changi Airport lagi… hehe.. mo balik ke Indo. Balik ke my hometown, yaitu Suroboyo.

Gue balik gara2 something happened with my family. Rushed banget. I got the news Selasa kmaren, then gue and my mentor doa, will I be ready to go back gitu. And yeah what I get sih my dad needs me. So hari Kamis langsung booking ticket and now here I am ready for boarding.

Going to face my old battle nih :P. But battle kali ini, gue harus bener2 self-control sih. I haven’t been back home for 3 years, haven’t seen my dad and my bro that long too. I’m pretty sure I’m much mature and controlled than last time. Much more ready lah ya, daripada dulu2. But still, gue tetep harus alert lah. Bisa2 kalah di battle kali ini. But thank God gue balik cuma 3 hari, tapi seperti kata Budi, 3 hari feels like 3 bulan being with our own family.. HAEUhAUehuAE .. 😛

Ya gitu deh..

Gue balik hari Selasa siang, then rabu kerja, then kamis ada church retreat ke Johor. Lumayan packed.

Gue jadi keinget ama apa yg Tuhan bilang to me akhir taun lalu ttg taun 2008 ini. Yg dia bilang, this year I’m going to have to run faster, more trials.. but there is the greatest reward, that is to know WHO HE REALLY IS.

Emang bener sih, gue pikir2.. ini baru bulan 3. Tapi so far gue udah face 3 battles. And throughout the last 2 battles, Tuhan bener2 bekerja. Yg kali ini, we’ll see how He will work.

So yeah.. ciao…. pray that gue balik sini dengan ga kurang satu apa pun. Malah ditambah2… hehe.. Seperti Sumba kmaren 🙂

 See ya later!


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