Summer Mission Pre-Journey 2

Gue ada a little bit story that I want to share.

Just happened last week.

Sebelom gue register Summer Mission, gue kaget banget pas ngeliat biayanya itu USD$ 1995. US Dollars lagi!!!!! But because gue cuma ikut 8 hari, gue dapet diskon jadi cuma USD$ 1200. Tapi yah sama aja kalo di jadiin Spore dollars, ampir $2000. Gue sempet bingung sih, and ga tau mo ikut pa ga… Abis duit bener2 dah kempes. Gara2 pindahan rumah, itu mesti bayar rent, deposit, komisi agent etc etc. That I had to spend almost $4000 on the past month. Asli abis duit di bank gue. Satu2nya jalan gue sampe harus pinjem duit dari bokap dulu. Ntar kalo dah gajian bisa bayar dikit2.

Jadi ya gue bingunggg gitu mo ikut Summer Mission pa ga. Gue tanya terussss ama Tuhan.. and for two days, jawabanNYA tetep sama, yaitu “Just Go”.. hohoho. Ya udah gue register aja. Without knowing where the money will come. Tapi si Tony pas itu tau kalo gue lagi kekurangan biaya, and he said he will try to get subsidi dari gereja. Mungkin bisa ditanggung separuh apa gimana. And at that moment, si Eugene, yg juga pingin pegi SM, juga sama. Dia malah lebih parah, dibank pernah saat itu tinggal $10 doank hUAEhuAEHuaEe. Tapi Tuhan juga bilang ke dia, pegi aja gitu. What he got that time, Tuhan bilang to him  “God will provide”

So gue ama dia actually by faith aja langsung register.. AHEuhAUEhaEe.. But my case masih mendingan sih. Gue masih ada gajian in about few weeks.. and sekilas gue ada minta ama Tuhan. Gue bilang gini “Lord, You know how tight my money is right now. Di bank tinggal $90. Minta bonus donk Lord gajian kali ini..” heheheh..

And u know the story. Beneran pas gajian, gue dapet bonus.. AEHuAHEuHAEuae.. not a small amount. So I manage to pay for SM fee. But ya masih tetep aja very very tight. Rada2 bingung juga sih ngaturnya. But I am truly glad for the bonus lah. Loosen things abit.

Then last week, tiba2 tony nanya gue…
Tony: “Nel.. loe dah baca email terbaru ga?”
Gue: “Belon… tentang apa?”
Tony: “ooo belon ya.. baca aja ntar…” *sambil senyum2 mencurigakan*

Then pulang rumah langsung gue check email, penasaran…

Pas gue buka ada email dari Davin, (who is our Youth pastor)… and gue baca….

This is his email… (my comment in red)

btw, about the SUMMER MISSION FEES… those that are going 28JUL have to pay USD 1,700 each, and nelly and budi have to pay USD 1,200 each. This is already pretty much discounted from the total costs. You guys have a choice seh if you can’t pay all at once, then you can pay in installments juga… I know its expensive but like i said before… it hurts but then its a sacrifice that’s worth it 🙂


Having said that, I know some of you have taken the step of faith to decide to GO even before you had the money because you believed God will provide for you… well, I guess God is good and he still answers prayers because none of us have to pay a single cent! huahauhauha!! 😀 guys… Mrs X (nama harus dirahasiakan) has graciously offered to pay for our summer mission 😛 Actually, I’ve know this for a few days now but could get you guys together to tell you guys.. so yah dah, i email you all instead lho huahuauha..


Gue cuma bisa speechless….

terutama pas baca kata2 ini:
Mrs X  has graciously offered to pay for our summer mission

Reaksi gue: *kejang2*… *mulut berbusa*… *biji mata terbalik*

HAUEhAUEhuaEhUAEHAEe… ga sih.. ya speechless aja…

Can you imagine… all of us.. 6 of us yg going for SM. Gue, davin, tony, Eugene, Harris, Budi. Kalo diitung semuanya, all of us cost about, the sum of Singapore dollars – $14,000.


Can you imagine someone giving out $14,000 buat sponsor us to go?

I’m speechless…

Tuhanku keren…


kayak lagu di bawah ini…

Jesus all I leave to do is to love You, My God
I stand amazed captured by Your Grace
Let me see Your Grace and stand in awe of You

You are amazing forever
Captured by the power of Your love
Jesus I worship You

I am speechless before You
I am nothing without You
I adore You,
My Lord my God
My saving grace

Ini belon pegi  SM nya aja udah ada kesaksian dasyat. Apalagi pas kalo udah disana… hehehhehe… Can’t wait….

27 days left to go….


And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. – 2 Corinthians 9:8

– HE makes me speechless over and over and over again –


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