Summer Mission Pre-Journey 1


hohoho. Gue udah register for the Summer Mission. And dapet email2 ttg hal2 yg harus diperhatikan selama pegi SM. Semacem barang2 yg perlu dibawa etc. Very2 interesting and seru banget bacanya. Sampe merinding gara2 sangking excitednya HAUEhUAEhuAEe.

Tuh liat aja title blog gue kali ini, Summer Mission Pre-Journey 1, I believe some more will come. Padahal belon pegi man, udah didokumentasiin dulu preparationnya, abis interesting sih buat dimasukin blog.

Karena gue daftarnya rada2 telat, and join ke tripnya nanti nyusul mereka juga telat, job gue di SM masih belon jelas apaan. Kan setiap orang dikasih job allocation. Gue udah baca yg definition job2nya. Ada dari seminar preacher, time keeper, first aid, consumption, stage manager, journalist etc etc. And yg paling gue maoin itu ini…


  • Responsible for all activities related with documentation
  • Document (video, photo, etc) every event/service
  • Keep & File all documentation present
  • Please take as many pictures as possible:

* faces of the people,

* team picture (before and after event, everyday!)

* transportation used by the team (ferry, bus, car, etc.),

* places where the team stays (overnight),

  • Required to be alert all times to take picture/video – ALWAYS be the person who should get off the bus to take picture of any event.
  • Use the wide angle screen when needed
  • Back up the files every night to summer mission laptop
  • Video Taping/Camcorder crew: need to shoot scene about the experience of every member (training day, on the field, testimony, etc.)

Gila!! Gue maooo bangettttttt. Itu kan emang what I had been doing kalo ke mission gitu hohoho… Apalagi yg ini —> Required to be alert all times to take picture/video – ALWAYS be the person who should get off the bus to take picture of any event <— Gue bangetttttttt hAUEHuAHEuAEe. Gue kan kepo 😛 But dunno bisa dapet ga ini job.. huhuhu… we’ll see.

Then email selanjutnya yg gue dapat ga kalah interesting. Ttg apa yg harus dibawa. Quite shocking but seruuuu… (*my comments in red)

Dear Summer Mission 2007 Friends

Warmest Greetings!
I hope everyone of you are doing well

On behalf of SM 2007 Team leaders, I would like to remind you again about THINGS TO BRING during our 20 days mission trip to Kefamenanu, Atambua, Betun, Ngabang, and Sintang. Please find the list below as I have updated a couple of items that you would need to bring with you.

Things to bring in your bag pack:
1. cotton NICE t-shirt (2)
2. one khaki/light material pant and one jeans
3. small size toothpaste
4. liquid soap (small size)
5. small size hair gel (some don’t need them)
6. 3 pairs of socks
7. one pair of shoes
8. underwear (no more than 4) and bra (for ladies)
9. sandal
10. small size towel (CHECK WITH REI FOR CAMPING TOWEL)

Please add:
11. Solid black short-sleeve shirt (1), can be replaced by Solid Black Polo Shirt
12. Sarong (it’s cold at night and sarong it’s pretty helpful)
13. Besides your bag pack, you’re allowed to bring small waist bag (no bigger than (8x4x1.5inch) OR super flat shoulder bag (no bigger than 10x10x1inch) if you need to put your purse and carry it with you all the time.
14. Make up kit (for the girls) – still within 8lbs

1. dry clean shirt or pants
2. silk materials
3. more than one jeans
4. bulky bible
5. laptop
6. extra pair of shoes
7. large items of toiletries
8. Perfume, since it’ll invite mosquitoes (deodorant is ok if you need to bring one)

9. Branded Stuffs (bag, wallet, watch, cell phone, etc.)

(Remember we can always shop at local market if we need anything)

Please also note
that hand-sanitizers, wet wipes, and tissues will not be under the responsibility of the team (or SM 2007 First Aid team).

Speaking of luggage requirement, below are the lists of things that you need to pay extra careful attention before you come to the training of Summer Mission 2007:
You are NOT allowed to bring more than 8 pounds of clothing and personal care (not including bible (8 pounds itu gue dah check = 3.5 kg. Gile, ga bisa bawa sambel jempol donk gue. hUAEhuaHeuaHEe)

1. All items have to fit in 1 backpack. WH will not provide any backpack. No other carryon is allowed.

2. You don’t need to bring medication unless it’s personal medication, SM team will provide you with pain reliever, vitamins, etc

3. Any kind of vaccination shot is not mandatory but recommended according to CDC. Please check out their website http://www.cdcgov/travel/other/traveltips.htm

4. We will weigh your backpack in World harvest center during our training session on July 22nd and if you go over the limit of 8 pounds, you will have to leave your personal belonging at WorldHarvest Center. The reason for the 8 pounds limit is that we as a team will be responsible to carry with us 16 speakers about 385 kg, music instruments (guitar,bass,drum set,keyboard), cables (80 of them),mikes,4 lcd projectors, 2 custom made desktop computers, 4 (15 x 20 feet) screens,mixer, monitor, speaker stands, 2 sony broadcast camcorders and camcorder stands, app total weight for equipments 1000 kg (at least) (OMG!!! and kita yg harus carry semuanya itu. Si tony sampe bilang ke gue “iya bawa nya bisa 2 ton, kita udah ga liat loh, cowo and cewe sama aja. Smuanya harus angkat2”.. HAEUhAUEhaEe) and there are 34 of us @ 20 kg each person (that what’s the domestic airlines allow us to check in each person) : 680 Kg and we would have to pay 320 kg over weight on every trip.

Many of you wonder and said “8 pounds for 20 days?” that’s impossible! The answer is “all things are possible.” (… sip deh. Untung for now gue ikut cuma 8 hari HUEhAUEHUAEe :P, at least gue bisa survey dulu buat the next SM hehehe. Ga langsung kaget gitu deh) We have been doing this for years and to amazement of the members’ year in and year out we can survive with so little clothing and at the same time made such a big impact for the kingdom of God.

So please pay close attention to things to bring below and it will save you a lot of heartache on July 22nd (training day) during the weight-in process – girls don’t worry we won’t tell others about your weight). For those of you that will be joining later on, we will trust you and appreciate you if you follow the weight requirements/rules since we are going and working as a team.

Should you have any question regarding this, please let me know J.

God bless,
Summer Mission 2007
WorldHarvest USA
301 E. Foothill Blvd.Ste.201
Arcadia, CA 91006


Hehehehe… seru!!!! 😛



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